Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Juergen Teller: Woo!

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Juergen Teller's work. Loved his warts and all style in the late 80s and 90s, when the grunge aesthetic introduced imperfect beauty and un-retouched photography to the fashion world. Teller's snapshot style felt refreshing and new. But then I got a bit tired of his shock tactics and contrived images. I particularly loathed the Kristen McMenamy 'Naked Pilates' shoot for German magazine 032C, which was eventually pulled off the shelves for showing the model's bum hole. Behold, the power of my Fashion Bin! But I've recently been discussing photography, a lot, during the day job. And talking about the importance of JT. So, on Saturday, when I was supposed to be doing my tax return, I found myself visiting the new Juergen Teller: Woo! exhibition at the ICA instead:

That's Not A Juergen Teller Snapshot

Notice how, just like Vivienne Westwood, I've matched my hair to my surroundings. And you can breathe a sigh of relief because the other two pictures in the triptych, show Westwood full frontal, legs akimbo. And, yes, that matches too. The German photographer's model/celebrity friends - including Kate Moss in a wheelbarrow - and a selection of ad campaigns are all here. I particularly liked the ICA's Reading Room which has been plastered with Teller's tear sheets.

The images of Bjork and son in Iceland, and Teller's very own baby in the bath, are superb. Beautiful. There's a real warmth and wit to them :

And then there's the best photo of Victoria Beckham, ever.

And so I'll say a big Woo! (not boo) to Juergen Teller.

Photos: Guardian, Forbes, Telegraph.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Older models: Peggy Moffitt at 72

Who better to wear this season's monochrome trend than sixties model Peggy Moffitt? The modtastic 72-year-old has been photographed by Tim Walker for the latest issue of Love magazine. With her trademark five-point cut and heavy eye make up, Moffitt makes the perfect mannequin. In a combination of vintage Rudi Gernreich clothes and spring/summer 2013 designer gear, this model is still swinging in her seventies. Confirming my strong belief that you don't have to have youth to have style.

There's a fantastic video on Nowness of Moffitt discussing her career. Of the legendary, topless monokini photo, she says, 'Think of something in your life that took one-sixtieth of a second to do. Now, imagine having to spend the rest of your life talking about it. I think it's a beautiful photograph, but, oh, am I tired of talking about it.'

I'll say no more.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Eley Kishimoto's collaboration with Clarks

The CEO of a company asked me the other day what I thought about fashion collaborations. I was half way through a sentence saying that I found the whole idea quite tedious, when I remembered Clarks partnership with British design duo Eley Kishimoto. Which I like. Let's add that to the list alongside H&M Comme des Garcons/Marni/Maison Martin Margiela. So. This limited edition collection is available to pre-order online, now. Pre-ordering Clarks shoes, who'd have thought it? Can't say I'd ever imagined baggsying a pair back in the olden days, when I was being measured-up for sensible school shoes, but then my thoughts rarely drifted further than Wagon Wheels and Enid Blyton.

There are three different styles, available from March 1 - the court, a wedge sandal and a desert boot - in three different printed fabrics. I haven't got a large enough image of the desert boot but you can see it here.

The court shoe is my favourite. Not quite what I'd call a comfy shoe but bet it'll look fantastic with rolled-up faded jeans and a cashmere sweater. And, as everyone knows, this season's chequerboard trend means it's hip to be square...

Will you be placing an order? And how do you spell baggsy?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

John Hinde Photography

Being from a trashy seaside town, I have a penchant for picture postcards. Not the mucky variety but the hyper-real type. Enhanced in post-production to make everything look better than it appeared in real life. I first came across the John Hinde Collection at the Vintage Festival in 2011. Original transparencies of the photographer's glorious technicolour postcards from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, had been turned into limited edition prints that drew me in, like a kid to a Blackpool ice-cream van on a hot summer's day (that's my hometown, in case anyone was wondering). Beautiful, aren't they?

The Collection was put together by John Hinde enthusiasts Marcus Davies and Michelle Abadie, who met over a shared love of postcards when Abadie co-edited the book Nothing To Write Home About. And have since built an online catalogue recording Hinde's work. These images of holiday resorts provide a snapshot of post-war Britain and give a real glimpse into the social and political landscape of the time. I'm thinking of getting Mr That's Not My Age one for his birthday, but sssh, don't tell him.

John Hinde Collection prints are now available at The Photographer's Gallery.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Fashion bin: the hidden wedge

Photo: mytheresa

Now that every high street shoe merchant has done a copy, every street style blogger has been snapped, standing pigeon-toed, in a pair, I'm glad I couldn't afford to splurge £400 on Isabel Marant's hidden wedge hi-tops. Ubiquitous and unattractive, these boots are not fooling anyone. The wedge isn't really hidden. No one has ankles shaped like that, unless they suffer from heel spurs, or elephantitis. I like a wedge heel, I'm fond of sportswear, but surely in modern day fashion terminology, the combination of wedge + sneaker = weaker.

Hidden wedges are the new Uggs  - and there's only one place for them...

Dustbin from Made In Design.

The Fashion Bin is open for donations, please give generously.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Keep warm, stay chic

This week I've been layering to the max. Mostly Uniqlo Heattech underneath lightweight jumpers, but I've got my eye on this HotSquash thermal, keyhole top. Quite a neat way to keep warm and still look like you've got a waistline, don't you think? And I do love a knee-length sock, when it's chilly. Cashmere if poss. Eric Bompard and Johnstons of Elgin both do a top-notch stripy version. Brilliant when wearing (as I have been most of the week) skinny jeans tucked into knee boots. I know, how very Kate Middleton. I've been rocking around, quite literally, on my Rockport wedges. Much higher than I normally go - but incredibly comfortable. All. Day. Long. 

As it's snowing quite heavily in London, I plan to stay indoors, a lot, this weekend. If only I had one of these cellular blankets from Scarlet and Argent. A lifestyle brand founded by Hainsworth, luxury fabric supplier to the Queen, whose cloth is made in a Yorkshire mill and used by Brit designers such as Paul Smith and Christopher Raeburn. I could totally channel Care Home Chic with this draped over my legs. But then, That Is My Age.

How will you be keeping warm this weekend?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Double denim grows up


Notice how this Miu Miu outfit is more of a tailored denim two-piece than a Texas Tuxedo? The silhouette is very 1950s Balenciaga - voluminous jacket with a fitted midi skirt - very grown-up. Forget flimsy floral dresses and fantasy footwear, this is what I want to wear this spring. One of the reasons I don't post too many 'today I'm wearing' photos on the blog, is that there are only so many times readers want to look at a picture of me in jeans. And, I prefer to remain on this side of the dashboard. My personal style is fairly consistent, whether it's on the catwalk or not, there's always one failsafe fabric in my wardrobe: denim. Originally used for workwear, denim is timeless, functional and durable - and, as far as I'm concerned, the perfect year-round staple.

Faded  in summer - last year I lived in a pair of ripped-at-the-knees Levi's, my perfect blue shirt and Liberty print hi-tops - and darker for cooler months. Deeper shades of blue have a smarter edge and are acceptable in the office. On realising that every pair of jeans I own are ripped and worn, I recently settled on a dark denim pair from Uniqlo. More of which at a later date. Let's just admire Miuccia Prada's fifties-inspired coat and matching pencil skirt:


Obviously, double denim can be singled out. I'd be tempted to wear the voluminous jacket/coat with a pair of black Capri pants. The midi skirt with a cashmere sweater. Not that I'm afraid of double denim. Oh no, I've gone triple in the past. It's just sometimes it's easier that way - and if you're opting for designer, then, cost per wear is king.

Let's have a quick look at the other side of double denim: here are some of my favourite icons going head-to-toe.

Debbie Harry doubles up.

Sade in stonewash.

Stella Tennant 1996 Gap campaign. Photo: David Sims.

Do you dare to double up? Or does double mean trouble?

Monday, 14 January 2013

Dresses with sleeves: the Golden Globes 2013

Homeland star, Morenna Beccarin.

As well as awards for television drama Homeland and Damien Lewis, I was delighted to see an outbreak of Dresses With Sleeves on the red carpet at the Golden Globes.

Julianne Moore in Tom Ford.

Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka.
Naomi Watts in Zac Posen.
Winner of the Best Song Award: Adele.

More everyday dresses with sleeves coming soon.

Photos: Huffington Post

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Vivienne Westwood: saving the planet in a swimsuit

Photo: David Ellis.

Forget Helen Mirren in her sassy red bikini, how fabulous does 71-year-old Dame Vivienne Westwood look in her classic black one-piece? The iconic designer is featured in The Times magazine today on a trip to save the Amazon rainforest with the charity Cool Earth.

The cover portrait by Zac Frackleton is pretty special too.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

New year, new sports bra.

Isn't this the sexiest sports bra, ever? It's from the M&S Gym Slim collection which goes on sale next week and is the perfect blend of form and function. Don't tell anyone, but I'm still wearing the first sports bra I ever bought (also from M&S, probably around 20 years ago). It's a bit old and knackered - but very comfy. A recent update has to be pulled on over the head and just getting into it is far too strenuous for my liking. The big pants look good too, don't they? Though I can't really see the point of control knickers for the gym, but the retro styling appeals. And apparently there's no VPL.

Not that I'm very sporty these days, riding a bike is as fast-paced as it gets -  and if that's uphill I have to get off and push. But there was a time when I was probably one of the few women in the world who could describe themselves as a fashion editor and a footballer. Been on telly doing both. And if you ask nicely, I might upload some old action shots.

PS The bra is £19.50, high impact and available in sizes 32A-38DD

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

David Bowie Is... Back!

Photo: Getty

By now you've probably all heard the new David Bowie song - I never said I was going to bring you breaking news and all the latest international stories, now, did I? To celebrate his 66th birthday, Bowie has released a new song, Where Are We Now? And I love it. Quite beautiful and melancholy,  His Lordship croons about the old 1970s Berlin Days. Here's the video:

And here's a gorgeous picture of Bowie with his wife, Iman. Did you know Iman's got a blog?! Just had a quick read and am impressed by her thriftiness. In one post on New Year's resolutions the model and CEO of IMAN Cosmetics admits, 'I don't like to throw money away, even with my Bowie Budget.'

Photo: Getty

One of the things I'm really excited about this year, is the David Bowie Is exhibition at the V&A. Well, that and my trip to the top of The Shard in February, a Christmas present from the Blog Widower. Anyhow. The museum has been given 'unprecedented access to The David Bowie Archive' and will be showing a collection of the legendary artist's handwritten lyrics, videos, costumes and nick-nackery. Can't wait.

Original photography for the Earthling album. Bowie in Alexander McQueen coat.

Jeremy Deller tote bag from Studio Voltaire.

What do you think of Where Are We Now? Was it worth the 10-year wait?

Monday, 7 January 2013

What to wear to work

Now. This post does have something to do with the uneasy New Year transition from settee-ridden sloth to reluctant academic. It's tricky getting back into the swing of things - blogging, work, wearing slightly smarter clothes - after a couple of weeks down time. I'm still aiming for 24-hour style, trying to cultivate a go-anywhere look that works both day and evening, home and away. Not that I spend my life dashing from chalk face to cocktails, but it's good to be prepared. And I've just noticed that this outfit is reduced in the Fenwick sale - I'd wear it with flat Chelsea boots (think I might have said that before, but at least I'm consistent). The combination of a patterned silk shirt and pair of neatly tailored trousers will give off a professional vibe, even if my brain still feels like a brandy-soaked Christmas pudding.

What are you wearing to work, this week?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Quote of the week: Bill Murray

Isn't this Bill Murray GQ cover brilliant? The 62-year-old actor looks very sharp, very Nick Wooster, with his slicked back hair and Burberry suit (the bra in his pocket is from Eres, if anyone's interested). As I haven't made any resolutions as such, I know it's good to take stock and embrace self-improvement, but I hate the gym and like to bookmark my days with a cup of coffee and a glass of wine. So, I'll leave you with a quote from the great comic actor (as Bob Harris in Lost in Translation), that I'm going to make my mantra for 2013:

'The more you know who you are and what you want, the less you let things upset you.'

And here are some more photos from the GQ shoot.

He looks a bit like Michael Stipe in the last picture, don't you think?

Thursday, 3 January 2013

That Is My Age: Shower Shoes

This post has nothing to do with the uneasy New Year transition from settee-ridden sloth to, ahem, mistress of the universe. The combination of sharp tailoring and sporty footwear has always appealed to me. From Mick Jagger's first wedding outfit to Lauren Hutton on the red carpet, tread carefully and a comfy shoe can look trés chic. Christopher Kane  was at it last summer, with his rubber soled, sports sandals. Then came the mink-lined version from Céline. I love that slightly orthopaedic, care in the community vibe. So imagine my delight whilst lolling around on the sofa over the holidays, when I noticed that Red magazine has ditched designer and gone for a fully functional sports slide. Make way for the Nike shower mule (above).

Lauren Hutton in Supergas at the CFDA Awards 2012.

Back in the nineties, I gave the shower shoe a whirl. Teamed with a black Miu Miu pencil skirt and khaki shirt, for the minimalist-about-town look. I even wore a pair of those grey felt Birkenstock clogs, outdoors. But I can't help wondering, if twenty years down the line, shuffling around in plastic sandals could look less like a serious style statement and more like I've thrown in the towel, or just had my bunions done.

Your thoughts please.