Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Casual Glamour: Michelle Obama

Photo: Huffington Post

By shaking up the stuffy style rules and wearing what she loves – bold colours, a fit-and-flare dress, flat shoes – Michelle Obama has shown us a more modern, more relaxed way of dressing. She’s brought Casual Glamour to the masses. So, when the lovely people at Boden asked me to write about my favourite grown-up style icons, I didn’t hesitate. MObama was top of the list: My First Lady.

Photo: Pete Souza

I like the Jason Wu two tone frock Mrs O wore at the State of the Union Address (top), do you?

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Déjà Pseu said...

Great piece! Even though I'm more comfortable in neutrals most of the time, I love seeing how MO wears color.

D A Wolf said...


Not only is she glamorous, but odd though it may sound - relatable.

What more could we want?

Susan Partlan said...

I enjoyed the piece. You look beautiful in that photograph.

Mrs. O's style seems much more glamorous in a real way than Jackie O's style. I get the impression that Mrs. O feels comfortable anywhere.

mette said...

The Jason Wu outfit looks g r e a t on M.O !
She has a fine forehead, and a " lighter fringe " - as in the picture mentioned, looks so much better compared to a thick one.
The clothes I´ve seen on her equal to a 50/50 success, imo. Not bad at all.

Lady of Style said...

I love Mrs Obama's style. Always appropriate yet stylish, colourful and modern!

Lady of Style

Patti said...

I too am a big fan of MO's style, confidence and presence. Loved her dress last night, and her hew hairstyle too.

LPC said...

I generally like her style a lot, for the reasons you express so well. But that dress is not my favorite. I always feel dresses ought to be happy as dresses, and not try to be skirts and tops:).

Angele Style said...

I like the First Ladies choices. She seems to have fun with clothes and knows what suits her well. I like the way she is not afraid to show off her arms. For me her true beauty shines from the inside out.

Veshoevius said...

She is one classy lady - love her style!

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