Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Sarah Lund jumper: a tribute

Photo: Radio Times.

It's rare that an item of knitwear becomes iconic: Audrey Hepburn's black polo neck in Funny Face,  Ali Mc Graw's Love Story scarf, Starsky's belted cardigan. As tonight sees the last episode of The Killing, ever, it would be rude to let the moment pass without a tribute to Sarah Lund's Faroe Island jumper. Series three has seen romance, nudity and of course, new knitwear. Don't know about you but I feel quite nervous when actress Sofie Grabol is without her trademark pullover. I think of it as a protective layer, like a cosy bulletproof vest. The chevron sweater is my least favourite style. It's just not Nordic enough - more Karen Millen than The Killing.

Photo: The Guardian.

Much prefer season two's red number, that, in true Scandinavian Style made an appearance in Vogue, alongside Grabol and an Arne Jacobsen chair.

Then there's the original Gudrun Gudrun handknit. As we all know, when a fashion item works, it's worth buying it in several different colourways:

Photo: Evening Standard.

Photo: The Guardian.

I can't bear the thought of life without Lund, let alone the jumper of truth and justice. But at least I can while away a wintry Saturday evening indoors knitting my own WhodunnKnit Danish Detective:

Hair tied back, she means business.
What do you think is going to happen in the final episode? Will they find the girl? Is Lund going to cop it?


lillyanne said...

I LOVE that doll! I'm a moderately lousy knitter - enthusiastic but inept - but I dream of making that. Dream on, eh?
And what's going to happen? There will be a good twist or three, I predict.

ganching said...

I am having people round for dinner tonight so won't get a chance to watch it until tomorrow. I can't bear the thought of Lund dying but being dark and Danish it's quite likely...

Vix said...

I haven't seen The Killing, which is an utter disgrace as it's just the kind of thing I normally would like. She's gorgeous and that doll is cute. x

janzi said...

WE sat through the episodes, utterly transfixed by the action onscreen... well worth watching and its amazing how during a series, this film has held our attention from the start to the end.. I know they've said its going to be the last one, but I do hope we can persuade them to give Sarah another chance to solve some dreadful crime! the good news is that Bergan will be back in the beginning of the New Year.. yippee!!

mette said...

I don´t watch TV, so I can only write my opinion of the jumpers shown.
Picture 3 fits the actress (?), but in general I feel that the nordic jumpers work best where they are meant to be worn, in the nordic countries. And I´m talking about the original designs; there are many fabulous ones from Norway and Iceland.
Cute doll.

Tabitha said...

The knitted doll is fab, I haven't watched it this time round, I've been sucked in by Homeland.

Oh and one or two nights a year is our limit at Claridge's, it was our anniversary, my parents got engaged there about 50 years ago, so it's a sentimental place for me.

Tabitha said...

Gulp no it would have been over 70 years ago, I'm nearly 50,wow we are all getting old!

Patricia G said...

I too love the traditional nordic patterns, and the red. Have to wear woollies with protective layer of cotton though. Itchy, itchy.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I am off to a drinks party with a Scandinavian theme on Friday. Thanks for the inspiration.

Leslie Lim said...

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