Monday, 12 November 2012

The World Of Interiors: Fashion Houses

Nicholas Ghesquiere's Parisian flat.

The December issue of The World of Interiors magazine is fantastic. A fabulous fashion special. From Armani (all black and chrome and 1980s) to Westwood (lots of eighteenth century references), we get to peek inside the homes of some of the world's biggest designers. I love Dries van Noten's kitchen cabinet, as you can imagine his Belgian home is all rich textures and deep colours:

Dries Van Noten's Neo-Gothic kitchen cabinet.

And you can tell Phoebe Philo's husband runs an art gallery:

The Max Wigram effect.

But my favourite home, isn't part of the high fashion extravaganza. Tucked away at the back of the magazine is the lovely Welsh cottage belonging to Jamie and Jessica Seaton, founders of lifestyle brand Toast. And who doesn't want a Toast lifestyle? Beautiful backdrops, earthy colours, simple clothes in natural fabrics, and top-notch bedlinen. Lovely.

Toast blouse.
Nice trousers.

Sometimes, it's not the glamour and glitz but the simple things in life that are most attractive. Though I'm pleased to see that the Seaton's minimal-rustic style is offset with a couple of velvet sofas and a smattering of animal print. I give you Casual Glamour for the home! Less is more, people. Less is more. Hubert de Givenchy can keep his French castle and Nicholas Ghesquiere can have his 17th century Parisian apartment avec seventies nightclub-inspired furnishings. Though I do quite like Azzedine Alaia's St Bernard.

How would you describe your lifestyle?


Mademoiselle Poirot said...

"Champagne taste & beer money" and therefore a creative mix of styles - it's eclectic, dahlin' ;-)

Have a great week. How was the Mumsnet blogfest? xo

the gardener's cottage said...

i agree on the less is more theory. that is a lovely cottage. xo

Jean at said...

I love this magazine and have a collection in my bookshelf! I agree with your aesthetic sensibility regarding decor and style. It reminds me of an author's apology in a letter (which I'm about to paraphrase since I can't really remember it!) to the effect that the letter was too long because he lacked the time to make it shorter.

mette said...

I am an urban woman living in the countryside.
I have accepted the restrictions living in an old house mean,
but the urban me is visible in the choices of the decor of our home.

Patricia G said...

They used block colour in the cottage sitting room nicely - chair, sofa and that fab woodburner.
I like the presentation of the other feature, with patterned papers.
My style is definitely eclectic .... with a smattering of shabby.

Young at Heart said...

ooooh how lovely....I wouldn't mind a husband who had an art gallery!!

Une Femme said...

I really like that Toast aesthetic! Our decor? Inherited/dog&kidproof/ functional.

Jan Cawood said...

I love the Toast videos. Lovely to see a brand with a strong creative vision.