Wednesday, 21 November 2012

That is my age: hand cream

Back in the olden days, the That's Not My Age Family would sit around the telly every evening, watching any old crap and bickering, whilst my mum rubbed Atrixo onto her hands. At the time I thought it was some sort of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. But now I totally get it. I've reached an age where hand cream matters.

After years spent riding a bike without sun protection, my hands, are covered in age spots and wrinkles. Oh and my nails keep breaking. What's that all about? I'm convinced that it's some sort of peri-menopausal thing, and did start to research the issue, well, I spent two-minutes on the Daily Mail's forum page until I had to click away and give myself a good talking to. I eat a fairly balanced vegetarian diet, keep my nails short and don't overdo it with nail polish or falsies. Can anyone shed light on this phenomenon?

To help matters, I've been using Neom's luxury organic hand cream which is absolutely lovely. It smells nice, isn't greasy and I can highly recommend it. And I'm not just saying that because they sent me a free sample to try. Honest.


Lilac In May said...

Lovely packaging! I think it might be vit D - when on holiday in the sun, and when just returned, my nails grow long and fast. As soon as the light disappears, so do my nails.

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

The best hand cream I have ever had is by La Prairie - before you ask, it was a present and probably way out of my budget. I do like the Body Shop's Hemp cream, seems to make my hands very soft - if I remember to use it... xo

Cherry said...

Having recently had a bone scan, and being found close to osteoporosis, I'm taking 1200 mg calcium and vitamin D3 every day. My nails have gone from being split and weak, to as good as thy have ever been.
Nails are an indicator of bone health, you might want to check that out.

Patti said...

I use vaseline at night and heavy sunscreen in the day - but my hands still show their age (must quit housework!). I like Sally Hansen nail hardeners for keeping them from breaking. And thanks for your recommendations too,

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Sounds good and I remember those good old Atrixo days! I used to use it as a child also, because Clara from Follyfoot rubbed it into her hands on one of the programmes so I made my mum buy me some along with a pair of cord trousers from Tesco Home and Wear because she was wearing them whilst rubbing the hand cream in. I am a nail polish obsessive but do keep my nails short and they are splitting and full of ridges. No age spots on hands as yet but face and arms are more than making up for it. Refuse to read menopause forums or take HRT so have to put up with it I guess!

bisbee said...

Just found your blog - will become a regular reader!

My hands are a mess - I see my mother's hands when I look at them! I've just started using Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Overnight Hand Treatment (LONG NAME!) - a friend swears by it so I will see what it can do. Only problem is I have to remember to put it on before I go to sleep...which can be a problem with my non-existent memory!

Diana Mieczan said...

I really should get into a habit of wearing a hand cream. I think you totally motivated me. Thanks!

materfamilias said...

All I can say is "Me too!" I'm pretty compulsive with the hand cream -- always have a tube of l'Occitane in every purse and pump bottles of whatever other great-smelling lotion by every sink in the house. Your recommendation sounds like a luxurious option.

A bird in the hand said...

I've been asking the same question.

I have a healthy diet, take 1200 mg calcium and D and magnesium,and have been doing so for years, my bone mass scans are good, but my nails remain weak and tend to brittleness...

Karen Albert said...

Oh I take so many extra nutrients and my skin is still dry everywhere.

Thank so much for the tip!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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ming said...

My hands and nails are pretty good for my age. The most important thing I do for hands and nails is to wear rubber gloves for all housework - especially dish washing, gardening, washing the dogs, dusting, etc.

It took a while to get used to but now I am at the point that I can't work without gloves.

Grey Fox said...

Interesting, thanks. I use hand cream too, but only, of course, after suitably manly activities (like washing up or hand washing a cashmere sweater).

The hand cream has to be unscented and packaged suitably (nothing pink).

Face cream? Now that's a different story.

Grey Fox
A man searching for style in middle age.

Imperfectionist said...

It's definitely an age thing but I didn't get on well with the Neom - Nuxe hand cream was however gorgeous.

Sarah said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean... my nails are splitting and breaking now more than they ever did. Quite like that Norwegian formula hand cream but perhaps I will give this one a whirl. It's remembering to keep applying regularly that's the problem!
And great post on masculine tailoring - wonderful tips too- as you know I am very much a fan of this style. S x

A Well Styled Life said...

My nails have never been worse since I stopped eating meat several years ago. Could it be not enough protein?!
I wear sunscreen on my hands religiously but the damage is done. I've used a spot lightener which helped a bit.
Perhaps I'll take up wearing white gloves:)
Maybe that's why my grandmother did too.

Kathysue said...

I think the vitamin D and calcium are the answers! I also am still a milk drinker, When I don't drink milk, my skin, hair and nails suffer. Milk does a body good!!
Just found your blog, so glad I did.

Maryl said...

I think wearing gloves while doing house work or any jobs that involves water is a great idea. It can be a bother but my sister-in-law is a committed glove wearer and it shows. I will add the name of a nail hardener form Colombia of all places that my nail salon uses and has made a difference. It's called "Quimica Alemana. Esmalte Endurecedor para Unas" and is sold on Amazon, QVC and at Ricky's. It might be worth a try. Thanks.

joannawnyc said...

I would guess lack of protein is the culprit, since you mention a vegetarian diet. But it may be a genetic tendency as well. Or a combination of the two!

I like the l'Occitane hand creams, and the Lush solid ones for just before bed (too greasy any other time).

Eva said...

hi! I'm sorry to jump in so late, but it spoke to me :)
I'm a huge fan of hand creams and hand care, I think - obsessed would be more appropriate to say :)
I use organic and as much synthetic ingredient - free as possible, and it IS possible! I LOVE Panier des Sens from Provence; I love Deep Steep from US, I also think dr Hauschka is OK.
Please take a sec and read through ingredients list and put the cream that contains Paraffin, parabens and/or silicons (anything ending with -cone) back on the shelf! You don't want it!
Use SPF all day long and buy a cheaper skincare serum (for face) and use it before going to sleep on your hands. Serum first, cream after that.
Enjoy your beautiful youthful hands !!!!