Saturday, 31 July 2010

Life begins at 50

That's Not My Age has been planning ahead. OK so I've got a few years to go till I hit the big 5-0 but when that day finally comes, I'd like to be prepared. Scientific research carried out at a top secret laboratory this week reveals that on entering the sixth decade, it's not too late to:

1. Run 100 metres

Jamaican-born runner Merlene Ottey, 50, is the oldest athlete to perform in the European Championships, ever. Later today she'll be representing Slovenia in the 4x 100 metres relay final. 'It's really truly amazing that she's still competing,' says former Olympic record-holder, Michael Johnson, 42, 'That she still has the desire, I don't have that desire to be out there.'

2. Get your kit off

'I am so bored with seeing stories about a mature man of 65 falling in love with a beautiful girl of 32,' Kristin Scott Thomas, 50, says of her latest film Leaving, 'Here a mature woman in her 40s, falls in love with another mature man, who isn’t a sex god figure. He’s just a bloke.’

The supremely talented KST, an early contender for the 2011 SBAFta (Style Begins at Forty)Best Actor award, admits that the sex scenes in the film, ‘Were nerve-wracking. I got the heebie-jeebies at one point, and we had to postpone shooting... though, there were a lot of other women on the shoot, like the cinematographer Agnès Godard, who were very supportive.'

3. Become a style icon

The latest series of Mary Queen of Shops saw the retail guru's profile sky-rocket. As well as making-over the nation's independent shops, Portas has become a role model for women who 'don't want to dress like their daughters,' and is planning a new series aimed at 'defiantly redefining middle age as the most desirable age bracket to be in.'

4. Shock old ladies

Rupert Everett, 51, has spent his whole life rebelling against a very conservative, colonial upbringing. On this week's Who do you think you are?, whilst uncovering his family tree, the actor met great aunt Marguerite for the very first time. She informed him that his great grandfather, Fred Everett, was a philandering sailor and a rebel, but, that she liked naughty boys. And so does Rupes.

Margueruite: 'Ooh you're not playing for the other side are you?!'
Rupes: 'This is rapidly deteriorating into an Ealing comedy.'

Merlene Ottey: Getty Images
Kristin Scott Thomas, photos and quote: The List
Mary Portas: Telegraph
Rupert Everett: BBC


Looking Fab in your forties said...

I like the sound of that film! Fed up with the Rom Coms with the youngsters, most of whom I haven't even heard of!

Alison Cross said...

I've got a PLAN!

After my 50th birthday (a scant 2 years away!) I'm going to add on a couple of years so that people will say '55? My God, you don't look a day over 50!' Which will be true :-)

Ali x

Semi Expat said...

Fabulous post - as someone who has reached 50 I am heartened by these 'not too lates'!! Plan to see the film 'Leaving' very soon too! x

Deja Pseu said...

J'adore KST. And Rupert. I'm not familiar with Mary Portas, but I really love her look too.

Speaking as someone more than 3 years beyond the big 5-0, nothing to worry about!

notSupermum said...

Love KST, such a class act. Will look out for that film. Rupert Everett likes to shock and was suitably naughty on the TV programme. And Mary Portas is a goddess in my books, she rocks! And roll on the TV show she's thinking of making - I'll be watching it!

Btw, this post is very topical for me because I actually turn 50 in December. Not really prepared for it, and not sure how or whether to celebrate it either.

LPC said...

50 is just fine. I've found that several things, previously mysteries, become clear.

Susan said...

Wow! A bit of slap and tickle is possible at any age, but the incredible 100m lady - that's seriously awesome.

That's Not My Age said...

AC - I like your thinking, let's pretend we're older than we actually are.

SE - hello and welcome back! I've missed your comments. Yes, do go and see Leaving. KST is superb.

DP - Mary Portas is a retail guru on TV over here. For the latest MP news, just follow this blog!

NS - Rupes was excellent on WDYTYA this week. For your birthday throw a massive party and invite me & Mary Portas!

S - I know, makes me want to run again!

sacramento said...

I couln´t agree more with you: life begins at 50!!!

Vintage Vixen said...

With icons like KST, Mary Portas and Rupert Everett around I can't wait to get older. xxx

Veuve said...

What a delightful post! Thank you for reminding us that middle age doesn't have to mean conventional or boring. (Actually, I wish we could find an alternative to that dreary phrase, "middle age".)

Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

I'm 58 and I feel I'm getting younger both physically and mentally. It could be due to "sound science" but whatever, I'm loving it! I feel way more confident, attractive and purposeful than I have ever done.

Alison C always makes me laugh with her comments... :)

Veuve, there is an alternative to "that dreary phase" - middle ageless.

Oh yes, and KST is fabulous, as are you.

Wildernesschic said...

I am going to try and catch RE on that search your past programme, I love that show and I forget to series link it .. I am missing so much good TV at the moment.. a sign of age that it matters.
I like your goals...
I am hiding when I turn the next corner into to the 6th decade though..
Will enjoy KST movie as I enjoy all her films she is a fabulous role model xx

Semi Expat said...

Just read your comment on my blog - you are so sweet - thank you so much for kind offer of the card - I should have really thought ahead and asked you earlier - bet Mary P had loads of 'proper' cards given to her when she got married ! Were there any photos of her in the press btw on her special day? x

劉智柏 said...


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MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-some great aspirations here, good luck on mastering the 100 metres!! hope to get back into my blogging groove and wishing you a lovely week ahead!!

WeShop said...

Mary's new series sounds brilliant - can't wait to see it. xx

Scale Worm said...

I had a lovely evening, in two separate casual conversations (one involving a lovely port, and a campfire), with two very intelligent beautiful women chatting on everything from relationships, children, art, music, drink, food and fashion.

I work professionally with younger women (as well I am pushing the big 5-0!), and find women my own age or older (in general) to be so much more sophisticated, refined interesting, and outright truly beautiful in comparison.

One prominent topic last night related to an older/younger relationship (older woman/younger man… the derogatory term “cougar” came up), and I sided with the defense that whatever one's life direction should take in relationships, for an older woman in regards to her mental and physical wants and desires, should be irrelevant to what society thinks. I applaud and fully support women that do as they see fit in their lives to do (be they track and field, acting, cooking, underwater welding, medicine, law, agriculture, etc.

Life is too bloody short to worry one's self over what the peers/neighbors/relations think.

Live pour votre vie et non pas vos pairs!

Fashionistable said...

Great post TNMA. These are great role models for us all. Thank you so much. Xxxx