Thursday, 31 December 2009

Street Style: 2009

Apologies to those readers suffering from end-of-year-list-overload... but there's still enough time to squeeze one more in before we say goodbye to 2009, That's Not My Age's top five fabulous over-forties:

Straight in at number one: Julie Christie. Because she's gorgeous and talented - and I still can't believe we met her!

For his fabulous facial hair and super-chic Miu Miu glasses, Daniel Azzaro, 66.

William Gilchrist, 44, be-suited on a bicycle and oh-so dashing.

For excellent, yet subtle, use of colour and a natty scarf it's a tie between, Joan Rolls, 56 (above) and Jette Egelund, 59 (below).

In simple monochrome basics, Doushka Krish, 43, proves less is more.

OK, OK, I know I said five but I just can't resist pointing out (again!) that we snapped The Sartorialist, Mr Scott Schulman at London Fashion Week. Woo hoo!

Photos: Dvora and Stephanie Rushton

Sunday, 27 December 2009

A Very British Glamour

One of my favourite presents from Mr That's Not My Age is this Norman Parkinson book, full of fabulous photos and the odd mince pie crumb! Here's a small selection of very glamorous images - including a couple taken in Blackpool, Parks on the promenade, would you believe it?

And there's still time to see the exhibition; Norman Parkinson: A Very British Glamour is on at Somerset House until 31 January 2010

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Random festive photos....

That's Not My Age loves an inflatable rooftop Santa, or house wrapped in flashing fairy lights - but then I am from Blackpool - so whilst visiting the brother in Manhattan and extended family in New Jersey, I was pleased to see that he wasn't missing out on our cultural heritage.

And just to prove what discerning taste I have.... my favourite Christmas tree decoration of all, is this pretty bicycle from Merci.

Happy Christmas friends, followers and fellow bloggers!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Natural ingredients: mulled wine and moisturiser

After one too many glasses of fine mulled wine at the local pub last night - which incidently made The Guardian's top 50 festive pubs list - That's Not My Age is feeling her age. The south London boozer is proper traditional, like - serving the best mulled wine this side of the Thames, full of cloves and spices, each glass made to order - and as reviewer, Garth Cartwright points out, ' The Hermit's Cave offers plenty of consistency. Why I don't think they've changed the carpet (or anything else) since I first started supping there in 1994.'

So, it was a huge relief when the anti-age introductory set from Aromatherapy Associates landed on my doormat. This selection of skincare products made from natural ingredients and essential oils is going to give me a 'firm, plumped and more youthful complexion.' Hooray! So readers, I am going to conduct a little experiment. Mr That's Not My Age will take the before and after shots, and unlike the misleading Twiggy/Olay advert, these photos will be natural, untouched, wrinkles-and-all. You have been warned!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Debbie Harry: Looking good in a snood

For the last couple of days That's Not My Age has been sporting a hand-knitted Norwegian hat, with ear flaps, to keep out the cold - which looks chic in a slightly eccentric, Sigur Ros kind of way - but a trip to Camden has changed all that. The Being Blondie exhibition at Proud Galleries, London, features rare photographs by Brian Aris, including images of the totally gorgeous Debbie Harry in New York with Stephen Sprouse, in her back garden in Greenwich Village and in a snood, on a ferry off the coast of Scotland.

More glamorous than a bobble hat, no?

For more images and an interview with Brian Aris, check out BBC News

Would you wear the scarf/hood hybrid?

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Stella loves That's Not My Age

Flicking through The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine over lunch, That's Not My Age nearly spat out a mouthful of Moroccan vegetable soup. Poor Mr TNMA, he doesn't get much attention these days, if I'm not on the blog I've got my head stuck inside a newspaper or magazine - even at the dinner table. But there was a good reason for my poor table manners, That's Not My Age has been name-checked in a national magazine! Stella's, '2009 The way we wore,' is a review of the year in fashion, from Balmain's Michael Jackson catwalk tribute to First lady fever, four fabulous pages of end-of-the-decade style moments. Teens vs grown-ups pitches younger models against seasoned supermodels, and Tavi vs That's Not My Age. Now these two bloggers have been mentioned in the same sentence before, but last time, I wrote it.

So in a piece of blatant self-promotion, I've scanned in the page for all to see. That's Not My Age, sitting right there next to Anna Wintour, and hopefully it won't be the last time!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Posh or what?

In this week's The Sunday Times Style magazine Shane Watson says 'We're all posh now,'whilst Andy Beckett tells me it's 'The day of the toff' in The Guardian G2 - with Tory toffs Dave and Sam Cam slowly edging their way towards Number 10 (Dave on his bike, Sam following behind in a chauffeur-driven limo, Smythson Nancy bag in hand) - could it really be fashionable to be posh, again? And now that Hunter wellies and Barbour jackets are more Shoreditch than Sloane Ranger, how easy is it to figure out who's posh and who's not?

A fortnight ago, That's Not My Age was fortunate enough to bump into Peter York, co-author of The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook, and the man who gave us the eighties YUPPIE, so what does the style guru think?. In vintage Liberty scarf, Hilditch & Key coat, Paul Smith jacket and Balenciaga jeans, York says that post-crunch, the make do and mend attitude is back with a vengeance. Super-rich bankers, Russian oligarchs and Trust Fund Babes are far too 2006, but, ' If you can be respectable, dignified and middle class you've got it made.'

Wondering whether or not I've acquired a taste for upper-class chic, That's Not My Age takes the toff test:

Fashionably posh?

1. I've got my eye on this quilted leather Barbour biker jacket - only £599 from . This traditional toff brand is having a bit of a fashion moment, a shop opened this summer on Foubert's Place (off Carnaby Street), and Barbour sells alongside hip labels Acne and APC at Liberty.

2. Mr York says, 'The richer you are, the greener you are. Poor people can't afford to be green.' And, even though I'm a bit skint, Abel and Cole veggie box arrives at That's Not My Age mansions every week.

3. I'm partial to BBC Radio 4 of a morning, and reality TV is not for me, not even in an ironic way. Oh alright, I do like The Apprentice but Mr & Mrs That's Not My Age spent Saturday evening watching White Ribbon at the BFI and not the X Factor final indoors.

4. These things I own; Burlington argyle socks, a tweed jacket, Breton top (make that a stripy Gap t-shirt), a string of pearls and a pair of brogues. Though they are never, ever worn at the same time. And, as Peter York says, ' There's nothing better than a Breton stripe, it's worn as resort wear by people of style.'

This brogue Chelsea boot is a recent purchase from heritage brand, now Prada-owned, Church's - and the best thing since sliced bread (but that'll be white, working class Mother's Pride, I'm afraid).

Or common as muck?

1.That's Not My Age grew up an estate, but we're not talking landed gentry, this one belongs to the local authority.

I'd just like to point out that this is the actual road I lived on, photographed during the 2006 FIFA World Cup - hence the flags - but that's not my family home!

2. These things I do not own; a double-breasted navy blazer, Hérmes scarf (more's the pity), leather riding boots, waxed jacket or a shotgun. Though I did once own a pair of red cord pants. I was about fifteen, they were from C&A, and worn sans tweed in a punk rock stylee.

That's not my boot...

3. Mr & Mrs That's Not My Age do not own a Roller/Range Rover/or any kind of car for that matter - we use a combination of public transport and push-bike. And even though The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook says, ' Bicycling in towns is one of those slightly mad, jaunty things Sloanes do.' My folding commuter bike is a bit posh, but it's not a Brompton.

That's not my bike....

4. City life not country life, is where it's at. There's no Aga in the galley kitchen, no wellington boots in the hallway of our two-bedroomed flat. Though last time (and it was the last time!) I went to Glastonbury, a pair of £8 wellies saw me through the weekend, then I left them to rot on the balcony.

What do you think? Am I posh? Are you posh? Are we all posh now?


Hunting photo from The Official Sloane Rangers Handbook

Barbour jacket from

Riding boot, £249, Hobbs

Brompton from

PS Even though Peter York says, 'Blogs are what you do if nobody will hire you,' I still took his picture!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas Shopping: Moth

If you're lucky enough to be in Manchester over the next few days, make er, a beeline for Moth. This small, independent shop stocking 'beautiful and simple objects for everyday life' is one of those places that makes you want to lock the door and not let anyone else in! Paper butterfly pictures, Ercol furniture, chalky French mirrors, La Compagnie de Provence soaps, fashion by hip Dutch label Humanoid - and that's just my Christmas list. And once the presents are all wrapped up, head next door to cosy bar The Drawing Room for a glass of the sparkly stuff.

Moth, 154 Burton Road, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 llH (0161 445 9845)

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Street Style

One of my friends, who's a lot more tech-y than I am, introduced me to Twitter over a year ago. So far I've tweeted three times. My first tweet was a moan about feeling jet-lagged after a trip to New York and the others were sent recently to spread the word about my street style pics for That's Not My Age. OK, so I know I'm not The Sartorialist, blimey, I don't even take the photos (I just find the people and ask the questions). Luckily I have a couple of photographer friends who cover that side of things and together I think we find some pretty-damn-fabulous-over-forties! So here are a few more:

'I'm not wearing any make-up! You want it au naturel, you got it,' says Joan Rolls, a very young-looking 56, with her gorgeous Dutch bike and glamorous Kirsten Heckter tweed coat. The teal Mongolian lambswool scarf makes a nice contrast don't you think?

Angela McLennan, 68, looks fabulous in her Agnes b beret, wool swing coat and sassy tartan skirt. And don't think I haven't noticed the nicely scuffed-up leather Chloe bag!

Like a female Indiana Jones, Ainslee has been on some amazing around the world adventures. She bought this hat in Buenos Aires and the beautiful, wool scarf from 'a weaver in Hammersmith'

PS If anyone knows how to change the Twitter format (the gadget looks a bit ugly and I've noticed other bloggers don't have it on show) - please advise!

Photos: Dvora

Friday, 11 December 2009

Joan Baez: How sweet the sound

That's Not My Age's may own a couple of Bob Dylan albums but I'm not big into folk music. As a teenager growing-up in the seventies, I thought Joe Strummer invented the protest song! So, the BBC's Imagine programme on Joan Baez, 68, this week, was a real eye-opener. As well as the amazing voice and 50 year career, the queen of folk was an anti- Vietnam war campaigner, an ally of Dr Martin Luther King and a lover to Bob Dylan. I guess I'm a little young - and I don't get to say that very often - for all the early sixties stuff, but Joanie (as the Bobster calls Baez) is music royalty. Even Dylan admits, ' She had a very unusual way of playing the guitar, I tried to practise it, but couldn't get it down.'

If you missed this fantastic programme, watch it on BBC iPlayer.
Programmes are usually online for a week, so catch it before Tuesday.

Photo from

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Hairdressers

A couple of weeks ago, Queen Blogger, Liberty London Girl asked for tips on where to get a decent hair cut back in London. That's Not My Age headed straight for the comments box with a helpful recommendation - of course, she should go to my hairdressers, The Hairdressers, even the name is pure class. Not sure whether LLG has dropped in for a trim yet, but here's why it's worth a visit:

Guy Healey, 44, one of the partners in the business (Clair Tavener, 41, wasn't around the day I turned up for my Christmas trim) has an impressive client list. Mainly art world/theatreland types and he modestly tells me that this is down to location - the shop is on the Clerkenwell/Islington border - and a random appointment that turned into a family tree of customers. But don't let that put you off, The Hairdressers is not full of screaming luvvies.

And to prove his credentials, Sassoon-trained Mr Healey is name-checked in Matthew Collings' Blimey! and Tracey Emin's Strangeland. Oh yes, as well as lots of glossy magazines, The Hairdressers has a small library of books (not all about Guy).

It's a small local salon, with a low-key relaxed atmosphere and they always play decent music. The best soundtrack to cut hair to? Hunky Dory, of course.

There's always a selection of biscuits and retro sweets on the old, school table (all the furniture is second-hand). This table, 'Was so ugly we let customers graffiti all over it,' says Guy. Unfortunately, none of the major Brit Art stars have obliged - though I've left my tag!

Guy Healey's advice on hairdressing for the over-forties:

1. 'Be comfortable with what you've got and don't try to fight it too much. When you look at The Sartorialist's book, people look comfortable with their hair. Though having said, Nicky Clarke has made a living having a completely different opinion - and you may notice, I've only got four chairs!"

2. 'Be open to change, don't get set in your ways (said with a nod and a knowing glance at my hair). Don't think you can't have a cool hair cut.'

3. 'Someone give Paul Weller my number! The Modfather has lost all sense of style.'

Do you have any advice on hair care after a certain age?

The Hairdressers, 70 Amwell Street, London EC1

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Quote of the week: Meryl Streep

Forget The September Issue, it's so 2007. It's all about the January issue for That's Not My Age. Vanity Fair's first of the new decade has the fabulous, 60 year-old Meryl Streep on the cover. And to celebrate I'm going to push the boat out and give you not one but three quotes from the 'un-Botoxed beauty.'

On being an older woman in Hollywood: ' I've been given great, weird, interesting parts well past my sell-by-date. I remember saying to Don (Gummer - Streep's husband) when I was 38, "Well it's over." And then we kicked the can down the road a little further.'

On cosmetic surgery and Botox: 'When I see it in people I meet, it's like an interruption in communication with them. It's like a flag in front of the view, and that for an actor is like wearing a veil - it's not a good thing.'

On her role in new film It's Complicated: ' It's incredible - I'm 60 and I'm playing the romantic lead in romantic comedies! Bette Davis is rolling over in her grave.'

Check out the 'Something about Meryl' feature and picture gallery, by photographer, Brigitte Lacombe, at Vanity Fair.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Where the wild prints are

Though it's had a mottled history, there's no denying that worn the right way animal print can look classy. And, from the cute stickers on Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's shop window to the iconic Mulberry Bayswater - leopard spots are everywhere this autumn, everywhere that is except my closet.

So, time for That's Not My Age to hunt down (sorry, couldn't resist) a little leopard. But the search for classy not trashy wasn't that easy; a Sonia Rykiel shirt (pricey and in a weird man-made fabric), a cardigan from M&S (it'll do if I can't find anything else) and this Yves Saint Laurent scarf from Liberty. Gorgeous obviously, but at two hundred and ninety English pounds, way too expensive. Where oh where are the wild prints?

Finally, I tracked down this lovely Agnes b t-shirt. Still a little intimidated by animal (even in a subtle-ish grey), so far the only way I've worn it is under the boyfriend jacket. Less Wenda Parkinson in American Vogue, more Rod Stewart in his prime - but the outfit has a certain late 70s charm don't you think? And anyway, I like Rod in leopard print, he wears it well.

And now for some animal print rules:

1. A little goes a long way. Head-to-toe is not a good look, not even in French Vogue. Easy tiger!
2. Animal print tights have amazing leg-slimming properties but choose your shoes carefully - black patent stilettos are a bit too Belle de Jour.
3. You'll not find any decent leopard print in a charity shop. I know I've tried.

Are there any other rules for wearing leopard spots?


Wenda Parkinson, American Vogue, 1949: A Very British Glamour, Norman Parkinson

Balmain clad model outside a Paris bistro, 1954: 20th Century Fashion, Valerie Mendes and Amy de la Haye

Mr Rod Stewart CBE: allposters

Head-to-toe: French Vogue, Novembre 2009

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Street Style

Oh blimey, not another Julie Christie moment... Mr That's Not My Age has just told me that Charlie Gillett, 67, is a very famous world music DJ and author. Oops didn't realise, sorry Charlie!

And this is Charlie's lovely wife Buffy, 65, who has global style. Her bag is from Guatemala, her shoes are French and I like the way she's paired peep toes with opaque tights.

Karin Harshof Hjelde, 68, opts for understated style in a swingy Marrimekko rainmac and jeans. And don't you just love Anish Kapoor's Christmas baubles?
(PS If anyone knows Karin, please could you tell her she's online? I stupidly forgot to take her email address.)

Mel de Lasti, 65, puts a suave spin on denim in his cornflower blue shirt and natural jacket. The Mulberry bag is from a flea market just outside Paris - it cost three euros! Respect.

Photos: Neil Mackenzie Matthews