Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Shop Launch: GIVe

I've just about figured out how to navigate the self-checkout at the local supermarket - without leaving an unidentified item in the bagging area! - when along comes George Davies with a whole new shopping concept. GIVe allows customers to shop in-store and online simultaneously. Shoppers scan in a garment's barcode at the 'kiosk' to see if it's in stock, make a purchase and then select next-day, home or store, delivery. Davies has combined the simplicity of e-commerce with the joy of the touchy-feely retail experience. (Of course, if an item's available in-store, you can buy it there and then). I've seen the future and I think it works!

As for the collection; it has a faded hippy/bohemian housewife vibe, ruffles and texture aplenty, and more black and hot pink than Katie Price's top drawer. Guaranteed to be popular amongst the Per Una crowd.

Top, George Davies at the GIVe launch, Regent Street, centre and bottom, the online kiosk.

Monday, 28 September 2009

100% Street Style

We couldn't help but notice Freddie Robins' striking scarlet hair, 'It's been red forever,' she says. Ben Coode-Adams (they're both 44), would like to point out that his shoes are Camper and he's not wearing them to be trendy, honest!

Jette Egelund, 59, shows us how to wear colour with style.

Daniel Azzaro, 66, accessorizes with some well-trained facial hair and Miu Miu glasses.

Juliet Wood, 47, has got the retro look down to a tee. We think she looks fab in forties-style jeans, trompe l'oeil t-shirt and Herbert Johnston hat.

Top marks to Jiwon Hahn, 56, for wearing the accessory du jour - autumn/winter's oh-so- essential animal print scarf.

Straight off the plane from California, Shelley Guastucci, 41, slipped into a sunny yellow Nordstrom jacket to perk herself up.

Sylvia Leydecker, 44, in vintage Vivienne Westwood skirt and Paul Smith shirt - need we say more?

Hilary Mennell, over 50, and her sister own Rude Rugs. Forget the carpets, just check out the Louis Vuitton bag!

We love Jeremy Armstrong's old blue brogues (they're limited edition Loakes, if you must know). He's 46 and doesn't usually wear a tie but says, "Things are smarter at the moment.'

Top of the morning to ya! Anna Pantel, a forty-something architect wears a hat hand-made in Berlin.

Photos: Stephanie Rushton

Friday, 25 September 2009

100% Design

Whilst out photographing fabulous over-forties, That's Not My Age popped into 100% Design. Here are a few of my favourite objets - street style photos coming soon.

This porcelain gramophone player/iPod dock, from Charles & Marie, is genius. It's called a phonofono and we like.

Fabulous moustache cups from Peter Ibruegger

Lovely cork lampshades from Benjamin Hubert

A grown-up's, fold-up scooter from Jamily

'Old Deer' silver plated antlers from Eskimo

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Time is on my side

'Look out you rock 'n' rollers, pretty soon now you're gonna get older,' warned Bowie in 1971. But 38 years later, The Stones are still rolling on. Charlie Watts, 68, still looks effortlessly stylish, in purple cashmere cardi and crisp gingham shirt on this week's Later. Watts plays with The ABC of Boogie Woogie, and Jools Holland - can that man not leave the piano alone for one week? A fan of classic tailoring and true British style, the best dressed Rolling Stone has grown old with dignity and a wardrobe full of sharp suits. Monosyllabic he may be, but as far as we're concerned Charlie Watts speaks volumes on the fashion front.

Band-mate Ronnie Wood, 62, may have stuck with the ageing rocker, leather jacket and black drainpipes combo, but he has designed a collection of t-shirts, scarves, dresses and bags for iconic London store, Liberty. OK, so he's no Stephen Sprouse but That's Not My Age did find one splashy floral print dress that we actually quite like.

And not forgetting, Sir Mick. 'The ultimate rock star' gives an interview in the October 09 issue of Vogue. So where's Keef?

Photo of Charlie Watts: www.rollingstone.com

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Great British Male

In honour of menswear day at London Fashion Week, here are a couple of my favourite chaps.

Mark Copeland, 71, goes for nautical chic in vintage Paul Smith parka and Tootle cravat, 'I found the scarf in a charity shop,' he says, 'I'm never without it, they'll put it in my coffin!'

James Sherwood, 37, (OK, so he's under 40 but he has got timeless style!) looks like a movie star in Ede & Ravenscroft tweed jacket and Kilgour pants.

Photos: Dvora

Oh I wish I'd looked after my feet

It's that time of year again when I just don't know what to wear on my feet, and it seems I'm not alone. Anna Wintour's dressed for er, winter in fancy court shoes and tights, whilst Hilary Alexander's still rocking flip flops and fluorescent orange nail varnish. One thing I do know is that after a summer out in the open my feet need a bit of TLC. Last week saw Coronation Street's Blanche Hunt soaking her cracked heels in Deidre's washing up bowl - but there's no need to resort to the kitchen sink, I've asked beauty journalist Vicci Bentley for advice:

'Buff the buggers!' says Vicci, 'I'm currently loving Revlon's Pedi Expert (£9.78 from Boots). It's like a pink parmesan grater that catches all the grot, without showering it shamefully all over the bathroom floor. The pros say it's best to use it on dry skin, although you get more off if your feet are slightly damp from the shower. Do go gently though - it's tempting to just keep on filing to even out all the cracks, but you don't want sore, red heels instead. And don't do it too often either - a quick buff with the smooth side of the file every other day, then the 'cheese grater' once a week's enough. You'll also need to cane the foot lotion - I like Garnier Skin Naturals Foot Cocoon - it's not too greasy.'

Problem solved.

Monday, 21 September 2009

The Sartorialist: Snapped!

We're feeling quite smug having photographed world-famous blogger Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist , snapping stylish people for his blog at London Fashion Week.
If you'd like to meet him, he'll be signing copies of his new book tonight between 6-8pm, at Liberty, London.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

London Fashion Week

Forget all the pretty young things, we’ve been to London Fashion Week looking for stylish over-forties - and there are plenty to choose from! Here are some of our favourites… hey, who needs the catwalk?

We love this vintage Pierre Cardin skirt. Dawn Green, 45, found it on one of her buying trips for designer, Paul Smith, and couldn’t bear to part with it.

William Gilchrist, 44, always wears a suit and always rides a bike...unless it’s raining when he sticks his Brompton in the back of a cab! Here he is, cutting a dash in an Oliver Spencer jacket.

‘Ban beige!’ says Sue Evans, 62. We love the way she teams clashing brights with a striking necklace, ‘ I’d like to say it’s Marni but it’s actually Accessorize!’

We spotted MJ Taylor - and her eye-catching coat - in the crowd, and weren’t surprised to hear that this elegant lady has been modelling for over 40 years. She’s got class, oh and we like her vintage brooches too.

Brian Godbold, 66, has an OBE for services to British fashion design. The former chairman of the British Fashion Council looks fantastic in Helmut Lang suit, Gap scarf and Prada shoes.

London Fashion Week

Proving that less is definitely more, Doushka Krish, 43, looks tres chic in her Kinder Aggugini jacket, classic white shirt and Zara Capri pants.

Not only is Ann Shore founder of the fabulous Story boutique in Spitalfields, she’s also a successful fashion stylist. Just look at this fabulous dress she’s created from a piece of Indian silk. Her vintage ‘You can’t get them like this anymore’ jacket and old J&M Davidson bag aren’t bad either.

David Courts, 64, designed this skull ring for Keith Richards - they’ve been friends for 42 years. He's wearing an Agnes B jacket, donated by a friend, and a John Varvatos shirt... I know, it’s only rock and roll but I like it!

One of the few people dressed for the sweltering heat, Barry Kamen, 46, (and yes you may recognise that name!) says , ‘I’ve had these trousers for 25 years and I still haven’t spilled anything on them.’ Well done that man.

We’ve decided to call this the ‘blonde on blonde approach.’ Jules Winstanley, 45, owner of TCS store in Teddington, knows that pale gold and sandy colours look fab with fair hair.

Photos: Dvora

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Happy Birthday Twiggy

The face of the sixties is 60 years old (and botox free) today. At eight and a half stone, Good Housekeeping's number one cover star is two stone heavier than her teenage self but looks fabulous in Bryan Adam's photoshoot in today's Guardian.

For more Twiggy action check out Twiggy: A Life in Photographs at the National Portrait Gallery, London WC2 - and er, watch out Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the Twigster has just released an album Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Street Style

Borough Market, September 12th 2009

Don't know what it is, but we just can't stop bumping into superstars! This time it was the world famous, and totally charming, Japanese chef, Harumi Kurihara,62, who's over in London filming for her TV show, East Meets West. We love her gingham tunic top and chiffon trim cardi.

Tatsuya Sasahara, 40 something and a member of Harumi Kurihara's film crew, bought his natty Hackett blazer last year. And, in case you hadn't noticed, is very fond of stripes.

Tracey Kerr, 42, loves her washed-out Fred Perry and thinks 'It's a timeless classic.' Tracey you are not wrong!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Amazing Grace

We've always loved Grace Coddington's styling - it has wit and charm by the giant Hermes Birkin bagful - and now after seeing The September Issue, we simply love Grace. The 68 year-old creative director of American Vogue stands up to scary old Anna Wintour, creates amazing images and does it all with a sense of humour and no make-up. As Wintour says at the end of the film, 'Grace is a genius.'

Check out this brilliant September Issue interview (with Grace Coddington) on vogue.com

Photo: Greg Kessler

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Bardot's Birthday

Former sex kitten (now just mad about cats), Brigitte Bardot is 75 on the 28th September 2009. And to commemorate, the James Hyman gallery, Savile Row, London has an exhibition of vintage paparazzi shots, plus newspaper clippings of a failed suicide attempt. It's refreshing to see these rare photographs, some of which are not-so-flattering; 'Brigitte Bardot pouting' looks more like BB sulking, with a double chin and pudgy face, surely a taste of things to come? Whilst a Sam Levin picture of BB in orange striped Carnaby Street trousers with the flies undone, looks less like the pneumatic starlet in an erotic state of undress and more like she can't get the zip done up.

The Observer recently featured a beauty and ageing story on Bardot and Sophia Loren at 75; two screen goddesses - two ways to grow old. Comparing Loren, who has 'embraced the idea of being attractive and sexual as an older woman,'(probably with a little nip and tuck) and Bardot who has rejected plastic surgery, devoted her life to animal welfare and recently turned into a fascist. Which approach is the best? We'll leave you to decide.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Style icon: Julie Christie

Wow have we got a story for you.... on our second trip out looking for fabulous over-forties to photograph, That's Not My Age was feeling decidedly uninspired. Maybe all the super-stylish people had left town for the Bank Holiday weekend, or maybe they were avoiding the busy Southbank. Whatever. After an hour or so it was time for a toilet break. So heading back to the Royal Festival Hall, we spotted a very fine looking woman sitting out front with friends. hair casually tied back with a scarf, cute sunglasses and a real life boyfriend jacket, " I'm wearing this jacket because I'm cold. it's my boyfriend's,' she told us later.Yes, really!

A couple of minutes of dithering ensued before photographer, Dvora went over to ask if we could take a picture. After a bit of persuading by friends, the lovely lady nervously agreed. We chatted for a few minutes and Dvora started snapping,' What's your name?' asked the photographer, 'Julie,' came the reply. Ohmigod, this stunning woman with her very own bohemian style was Julie Christie! Star of some of our favourite films - Billy Liar, Darling, Far from the Madding Crowd, Shampoo, Don't Look Now - and of course, more recently an Oscar-nominated role in Away from Her. Stunned and in a complete tizzy, That's Not My Age's mind went blank:

TNMA: 'Oh blimey, I've just realised who you are. I love your work!That film in Canada - you were fantastic.'
JC: 'Oh I thought that's why you'd asked for my photo.'
Dvora: ' No, we just thought you looked cool!'

And then it was over, Julie Christie went back to her friends, Dvora and That's Not My Age went off for a stiff drink. Completely dumbstruck. Well and truly stunned by the style, beauty and genuine loveliness of a proper movie star. Swoon. We Love JC.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Street Style

That's Not My Age and photographer, Dvora have been out and about looking for stylish people over forty - and there are plenty out there! Check out our favourites from Columbia Road flower market, London, 28th August 2009.

Susan Greenleaf, 39 (nearly there Susan!) was at the market with her ever-so-stylish twins Quinn and Hansen. She's wearing an old APC top and a neat little chapeau. We like her laid-back style.

Leon Herbert, 54, says, 'I'm wearing white because it makes me feel angelic!" His jacket only cost a fiver from an old army & navy store.

Irene Duffy, 88, runs a market stall and loves wearing fitted shirts and trousers - but top marks to this stylish lady who always finishes off the look with a sassy scarf.

Krt (and no, that's not a typo) Williams, over 40, works for fabulous fashion company, Junky Styling. We love Krt's nonchalantly piled on necklaces and recycled cuff.

Young Soo Park - can you believe it, is 60 years old? Yes six-o, amazing eh? He's a fashion designer from south Korea and is head-to-toe 10 Corso Como, which has just opened a store in Seoul.