Monday, 29 September 2014

Sandra and The World According to Gogglebox

So I met Sandra one of the stars of Channel 4's award-winning series Gogglebox (very randomly in Brixton yesterday). For viewers who don't live in the UK, Gogglebox is a post-post-modern reality TV programme showing people in their own homes watching TV. Sounds rubbish, but it's hilarious. And incredibly popular. Sandra told me that over 5m viewers tuned in for the new series on Friday night. There's a cast of families and friends around the country - and the 52-year-old south Londoner is filmed at home in Brixton, discussing the week's news and views with her friend of 40-years Sandy. Each episode, takes two to three nights filming and so I asked her if it was hard work and she said, 'Nah, it's dead easy. I just sit on my arse watching telly and eating.'

As Sandra talked me through the new book of the show: The World According to Gogglebox, I couldn't help admiring her fine collection of rings, and she revealed that she' ll be launching a jewellery website soon. You heard it here first.

Sandra and Sandy will be at Foyles bookshop on Wednesday evening signing copies of The World According to Gogglebox. Further details here.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Linda Rodin for

Shirt, Alexander McQueen, available HERE. Skirt, Peter Pilotto, available HERE. Shoes, Oscar de la Renta, available HERE.

There's a fabulous Linda Rodin shoot in the latest issue of magazine. Ruth Chapman (the co-founder of told me about it when I interviewed her recently. We'd never met before but got on like a house on fire, talking non-stop about fashion, life and style, and how inspiring we find women like Linda Rodin. As well as being a successful stylist and businesswoman, Rodin has a fantastic attitude to age, ‘I don't think 66 is old; it's just that - in our culture - 26 is old. I have so many friends who are older than me who feel young, too. In the fashion and beauty bubble I am a strange bird, but in the wider context of the world, I'm not.’

Coat, Emilia Wickstead, available HERE

Shirt, similar HERE. Shoes, Tabitha Simmons, available HERE

Shirt, Band of Outsiders, available HERE
Coat, similar HERE. Shoes Tabitha Simmons, as above.

HINT: there are tons of inspirational women in my book - talking of which, I need to get back to writing my intro!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Classic autumn shoes: Cheaney for Toast

I think I've forgotten how to wear shoes. It's been such a lovely, long summer and - if you can brave the morning chill - is still just about warm enough for Birkenstocks. So this year's autumn transition feels particularly tricky. I've noticed that Toast has a small range of women's styles handcrafted in England by master shoemakers Joseph Cheaney & Sons. The British brand has been manufacturing traditional footwear since 1886 and is now owned by cousins Jonathan and William Church, of the Church's shoe family - which is now owned by Prada. Talk about Trad Shoe Shuffle. Obviously, being made in Northamptonshire from the finest leathers means these gorgeous shoes aren't cheap, but with footwear I honestly believe that you get what you pay for. My favourites are the dark navy Emily monkstrap shoe, £265, available HERE - I'd wear them everyday with black trousers or dark denim jeans - and the Maisie Oxford brogue, £265, available HERE.

Who doesn't love a new pair of autumn shoes?

Monday, 22 September 2014

Two Good Films

Driving Miss Kylie

In the last week I've seen two brilliant films. The feelgood movie Pride, (based on a true story about a lesbian and gay support group raising funds during the 1984 miner's strike), had me sobbing, and longing for those pre-me-me-me-society days. Spoiler alert: the Dominic West dance scene is fantastic but for me one of the funniest moments was Imelda Staunton telling local doubters that she was, 'Off to Swansea a massive les-off.' And there was more reminiscing during 20,000 Days on Earth, the highly stylised Nick Cave documentary. Purporting to be a day in the life of the antipodean rock god, this beautifully shot film includes interviews with a therapist, as well as Ray Winstone, and Kylie Minogue, all offset by a wonderful soundtrack and a deadpan sense of humour. Having been a huge fan since I saw the Birthday Party in Manchester in the early eighties, I might be a bit biased - but whether you're a Nick Cave fan or not, this is a bloody good film.

The title refers to the number of days the artist has spent on earth. Work out how many days you've been alive here.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The essential jumpsuit

That's me in a jumpsuit. And no, I am not doing a spot of painting and decorating - though I have to admit that since the holiday I've been on a serious mission to spruce up That's Not My Age Mansions. You know what it's like when you come back and everything looks shit. Well, that has turned me into a De-cluttering Demon. Mr That's Not My Age is scared (mainly for the safety of his vast CD collection). Anyhow. I've embraced the jumpsuit, all-in-one, whatever. Purchased at the start of summer from MHL, this is proper French workwear. The fabric is quite heavy duty so I've been waiting for it to cool down again, otherwise I'm boiling in my boilersuit. Commonly referred to as my Industrial Onesie, it makes getting dressed so easy, I want one in every available colour/fabric. And, all that 'going to the loo is such a palaver' stuff is nonsense. Believe me, I go a lot. You just have to be careful not to drop the arms down the toilet bowl (or onto the urine-splattered floor of a public loo) - and try your best not to wee on them. It's simple.

The best lighter-weight version I've seen is from Whistles, £155, available HERE.

How do you feel about the jumpsuit? Are we all-in-one together?